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Checkpont Engineer Education and Certification

Identify advanced CLI commands.
Understand device management procedures, including how to perform device upgrades and apply patches and hotfixes.
Describe the Check Point Firewall infrastructure.
Describe advanced techniques of gathering vital gateway records the usage of CPView and CPInfo.
Recognize how Check Point’s flexible API architecture supports automation and orchestration.
Discuss advanced ClusterXL functions.
Describe VRRP network redundancy advantages.
Understand how SecureXL acceleration era is used to enhance and enhance performance.
Understand how CoreXL acceleration technology is used to enhance and improve performance.
Identify the SmartEvent components that save community hobby logs and identify events.
Discuss the SmartEvent procedure that determines which community sports may result in safety issues.
Understand how SmartEvent can help in detecting, remediating, and preventing security threats.
Discuss the Mobile Access Software Blace and the way it secures communication and records.
Understand Mobile Access deployment options.
Recognize Check Point Remote Access solutions.
Discuss Check Point Capsule components and how they defend mobile devices and business documents.
Discuss exceptional Check Point Solutions for attacks together with zero-day and Advanced Persistent Threats.
Understand how SandBlast, Threat Emulation, and Threat Extraction prevent protection incidents.
Identify how Check Point Mobile Threat Prevention can help defend facts accessed on company-issued smartphones and tablets.

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