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Computer equipment hardware maintenance

It consists of a specialized service in maintenance of hardware components of personal computer equipment (computers, printers, scanners and other peripherals or computer devices), being able to identify the most common faults of these equipment and solve them by means of the appropriate software configuration and / or the component replacement.

The main functions and activities to be carried out in this computer equipment maintenance service are:

On-site assistance (and occasionally remote-telephone):  On the micro-computer equipment on which support, diagnosis and resolution of faults, incidents, queries, requests and configurations of PCs, laptops, PDAs, smartphones, printers, scanners, others are provided. peripherals, etc.
Attention and resolution of service requests:  From the CAU team itself. The assigned support staff will record, with the appropriate tool, the expected date of intervention, the evolution of the resolution and the closing date.
Installation, configuration and update of operating systems and desktop applications.
Peripherals installation and configuration.
Platform and configuration of new work equipment:  That are acquired during the contract to replace current equipment included in the contract, and transfer of the old equipment to the new one.
Disassembly, transfer and installation of equipment:  Due to changes in their location, replacement of damaged equipment, creation of new jobs or similar situations.
Repair: Equipment and replacement of damaged parts if necessary.
Management and processing:  Of incidents on equipment that is under warranty. As well as the monitoring of its resolution by the corresponding provider.
Documentation: All the tasks carried out must be documented, as well as collaborating in the preparation and safeguarding of service and response protocols for future actions.

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