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What Is Intrusion Prevention System (IPS)?

An Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) is a community protection/danger prevention era that examines community site visitors flows to locate and save you vulnerability exploits. Intrusion prevention structures also are referred to as intrusion detection prevention structures (IDPS).


The IPS reviews those activities to device directors and takes preventative movement, inclusive of ultimate get admission to factors and configuring firewalls to save you destiny attacks.



.How Does IPS Techniques Work?

Intrusion prevention structures paintings through scanning all community site visitors. The IPS plays real-time packet inspection, deeply analyzing each packet that travels throughout the community.


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Computer equipment hardware maintenance

It consists of a specialized service in maintenance of hardware components of personal computer equipment (computers, printers, scanners and other peripherals or computer devices), being able to identify the most common faults of these equipment and solve them by means of the appropriate software configuration and / or the component replacement.

The main functions and activities to be carried out in this computer equipment maintenance service are:

On-site assistance (and occasionally remote-telephone):  On the micro-computer equipment on which support, diagnosis and resolution of faults, incidents, queries, requests and configurations of PCs, laptops, PDAs, smartphones, printers, scanners, others are provided. peripherals, etc.
Attention and resolution of service requests:  From the CAU team itself. The assigned support staff will record, with the appropriate tool, the expected date of intervention, the evolution of the resolution and the closing date.
Installation, configuration and update of operating systems and desktop applications.
Peripherals installation and configuration.
Platform and configuration of new work equipment:  That are acquired during the contract to replace current equipment included in the contract, and transfer of the old equipment to the new one.
Disassembly, transfer and installation of equipment:  Due to changes in their location, replacement of damaged equipment, creation of new jobs or similar situations.
Repair: Equipment and replacement of damaged parts if necessary.
Management and processing:  Of incidents on equipment that is under warranty. As well as the monitoring of its resolution by the corresponding provider.
Documentation: All the tasks carried out must be documented, as well as collaborating in the preparation and safeguarding of service and response protocols for future actions.

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certifications to start a career in IT

Certifications help give the curriculum more credibility and can make professionals more attractive to recruiters. Amidst the competing job market, certifications can be a great bet.

At the entry level, they are a good way to stand out from other candidates - and even raise your salary. Discover the top ten international certifications to start your IT career:

cisco firewall certification

Cisco Certified Entry Networking Technician (CCENT)

Obtaining a CCNET certification will demonstrate the ability to install, operate and troubleshoot a small business network. It is a great certification for anyone who wants to get an entry network support position or if you already know you want a career in networking.

To receive certification, a person will need to complete the Interconnection course for part 1 of Cisco network devices (ICND1) . It is a five-day course that takes place in person or online, and will cover the fundamentals of the network layers involved in routing. The course also covers firewalls, basic network security, wireless controllers and access points.


Cisco Certified Technician (CCT)

CCT certification verifies the skills to diagnose, restore, repair and replace critical Cisco system and network devices at customer sites. There are two different paths to the CCT: data center or routing and switching.

The certification CCT Data Center covers support and maintenance of Cisco Unified Computing systems and servers. It is aimed at field support engineers who work with devices and software from the Cisco data center system. You must take the Cisco Data Center System Device Support (DCTECH) v2.0 course before passing the exam. The course covers fundamentals of data center networking, field services and equipment replacement, and how to identify Cisco Unified Computing System (UCS) component models, accessory cabling and interfaces.

CCT Routing and Switching certification covers on-site support and maintenance for Cisco routers, switches and operating environments. It is designed for on-site technical support and other support teams that work with Cisco data center solutions. Before taking the exam, a person must take the  Supporting Cisco Routing and Switching Network Devices  (RSTECH) course. The individual online course covers the fundamentals of networking, Cisco external and switching models, modes of operation for Cisco IOS software, and the Cisco command line interface (CLI).


Adequate sanctions must be imposed for data privacy breaches

According to IPS, currently, user data is becoming a valuable "resource", creating "super-profits" for the digital economy. However, in many countries around the world including Vietnam, data resources are at risk of being breached. Notably, the cases of leaking personal information are outside the control of state agencies, seriously damaging the trust of users.
Therefore, protecting data resources is one of the important tasks of the country, which needs to be clearly and strictly regulated in the legal framework.

The seminar was jointly organized by the Vietnam Digital Communications Association (VDCA), IPS and Oxfam Vietnam, in order to promote the completion of the legal framework and enhance the implementation of personal data protection.

According to the Organizing Committee, the seminar was attended by leading experts in the field of information safety and security with leaders of ministries, branches and localities participating in reporting and sharing experiences on data protection. Data in a digital age. In addition, the event is also a place to discuss and offer solutions to ensure national data security.

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Components of Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence is the name given to the processes and methods that enable us to make the raw data more meaningful and useful by processing it. Business Intelligence helps identify and develop new projects by processing large amounts of data. Our working areas are generally the areas with the highest amount of raw data that can be processed. We see that Business Intelligence applications are used in finance, telecommunications, retail, energy, public sector health and all other sectors.veri_raporl Game

Components of Business Intelligence
Ok, we learned what is business intelligence by definition, but what is the scope of business intelligence? Key components of Business Intelligence are reporting, multi-dimensional analysis processes, logical analysis, data mining, process mining (process management techniques), complex event analysis, business performance management, comparing a business process with other performance metrics or the best of this business process, estimation and rule-based logical solutions. Business Intelligence applications determine needs, execute analysis, design and realize Business Intelligence technical solutions and architectural design, design the central or distributed data warehouse, manage the data in the data warehouse, ensure analysis on the data and receive the required reports. By determining the criteria of production and human resources, the customer that provides financial success can control such preliminary criteria as well as successive criteria such as financial results. It enables you to make strategic and tactical decisions correctly by analyzing your data in detail.image3Numerous applications for BI have helped companies achieve impressive investment and recycling values. Business Intelligence was used to identify cost reduction methods, uncover business opportunities, turn ERP data into accessible reports, respond quickly to retail demands, and optimize prices. In addition to making the data accessible, BI software empowers firms more during agreements, enabling them to more easily measure the value of their relationship with suppliers and customers.



Sr. Checkpoint Firewall Engineer job

The Sr. Firewall Engineer will offer technical management withinside the structure, layout, engineering, implementation, protection, and control of the company-extensive firewall platforms. This person can be a part of an engineering crew chargeable for standard structure and its implementation, prioritization of projects, and interfacing with stakeholders. The function may also be chargeable for vast community making plans and layout targeted on new answers together with green and powerful increase and expansion. Strategic making plans of lively/lively architectures, more than one information middle integration, and DR and resiliency. Candidate ought to have Checkpoint firewall Operations and Engineering revel in in an company environment. Must have revel in operating with utility improvement groups and speaking efficaciously with numerous departments and technical ability units inside an corporation. A sturdy focus of protection standards, utility structure and complicated networking standards is desired.

checkpoint jobs

Strategizes in near partnership with Enterprise Architecture to expand and put in force all applicable guiding standards, reference structure, and requirements efficaciously growing a technical infrastructure that enables obtain Company enterprise objectives
Provides superior technical and operational escalation assist to the Operations team of workers on community elements, inner procedures, education requirements, supplier assist, and community layout and making plans.
Documents and disseminates procedures and methods for the Network Organization.
Engages with utility groups and builders to help with growing stable connectivity techniques for brand spanking new applications.
Works intently with era groups to put in force reliable, manageable, and stable answers.
Identifies overall performance problems, translates trends (e. G., lines of community traffic), and implements improvements. Diagnoses and resolves complicated overall performance and reliability problems escalated through operations or with extensive-unfold impact.
Collaborates with the inner protection compliance corporation, Enterprise Architecture, and builders to expand authorized utility architectures.
Identifies possibilities to automate guide device tasks
Applies sturdy understanding of information communications standards, architectures and protocols which include TCP/IP, routing, switching, WAN and Ethernet technology to layout and put in force green community configurations.
Works collaboratively with the facts protection corporation to help withinside the detection and mitigation of vulnerabilities and protection events.
Works collaboratively with different engineering and structure agencies to put in force requirements and nice practices and redesign/re-engineer additives as needed.


In these tutorials we will work with Cisco equipment. All of this equipment has an Operating System (OS) called Cisco IOS ( I nternetwork O perating S ystem) . We can work with it in 2 CLI or GUI modes.

When it comes to Cisco equipment (Routers and Switches) they all have one thing in common: the Operating System, Cisco IOS. IOS comes from I nternetwork O perating S ystem and is the "engine" that provides the power of this equipment. We can work with IOS in 2 CLI or GUI modes . The acronym CLI is C ommand L holds I nterface and is command line where we set up all these devices. Thus we will have full access to the Router or Switch and we will be able to influence its behavior in the network.

The GUI stands for Graphical User Interface and is most often used when configuring small network devices such as Wireless Routers (Wi-Fi) at home. Find out more about all this in the video below!

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cisco intrusion prevention system

• It is based on visibility, offering the full possibility of locating the customer's internal infrastructure. Users have at their disposal tools and detailed reports on the "findings" regarding the systems that are revealed, suspicious applications, threats (Impact Analysis) and intrusion indicators (Indications Of Compromise) that offer them full visibility and absolute protection.
• Focuses on threats. It combines state-of-the-art NGIPS (Next Generation IPS) systems that offer complete protection against known and sophisticated threats, as well as AMP (Advanced Malware Protection) that offer protection against persistent attacks and zero-hour attacks.
At the same time it is possible, the automatically proposed Next Generation IPS policy that is adapted to identify all the features of the client infrastructure and therefore adapted to the client environment.

• Adapts to the respective platform. Proven firewall and application control and URL filtering, top-notch NGIPS (Next Generation IPS) features, and Advanced Malware Protection are available from a single device based on the Cisco ASA solution with FirePOWER services. Now companies can be better protected while reducing operating costs and degree of complexity, all thanks to the integration offered by the Cisco solution.

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What is needed to be an architect

There are five sets of general skills that the most competent architect is:

1) Unleash the imagination

Design sensitivity 2)

3) Presentation skills

4) Technical expertise

5) Management skills

Not everyone will become fully proficient in all those areas. Many are compensated by partnering with others to make up the difference. In fact, the most architectural collaboration, in which thousands of people are born out of individual needs, to enhance other management skills and interests.

Architects who wish to work as employees rather than architecture must have some ability in all of these skills, even if they are not among the top practitioners. Architects that lead to careers become proficient in all of them.

Skills in more detail

Unleash the ideas that are the most rare, especially the imagination that is uninhibited, visionary and open to all possibilities to solve real-world problems.

This requires the entrepreneurial personality and the role of scientists, artists, emotionalist logicians, poets engineers, activity theorists - while there is a mixture of real curiosity and boundless imagination that is common among young children, it often does. Support and so most people will lose it along the way A common complaint among those who graduate from the School of Architecture is about the limited number of creative fantasies they are allowed to use in schools.


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computer service technician salary 2020 July

Computer service technicians can work each on-website online and off-website online. The process can range from minor settings, spyware, viruses to changing hardware and an entire operating machine. Most organizations list following requisites while hiring restore technicians:


Knowledge of computer hardware and software.
Education in a related field is an asset.
Problem –fixing and analytical skills.
Exceptional technical & verbal exchange expertise.
Understanding of facts storage & recovery.
Candidate should have time & task management skills.

computer service technician salary

According to PayScale, the common hourly pay for a Computer Service Technician in Canada is C$16.50. The employment outlook can be fair inside the Toronto region for the 2018-2020 period.

How Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPS) Work

The fundamental difference among them is that IDS is a tracking system, whilst IPS is a manage system.

IDS doesn’t adjust the community packets in any way, while IPS prevents the packet from delivery based at the contents of the packet, just like how a firewall prevents traffic by IP address.

Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS): analyze and monitor network visitors for signs and symptoms that suggest attackers are the usage of a known cyberthreat to infiltrate or steal facts from your network. IDS structures compare the modern-day network activity to a acknowledged chance database to come across several styles of behaviors like safety coverage violations, malware, and port scanners.
Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPS): live in the identical place of the community as a firewall, among the out of doors international and the internal network. IPS proactively deny network site visitors primarily based on a security profile if that packet represents a regarded security hazard.
Many IDS/IPS vendors have integrated more recent IPS structures with firewalls to create a Unified Threat Management (UTM) technology that mixes the functionality of these two similar structures into a single unit. Some systems provide each IDS and IPS capability in a single unit.

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What salary and prospects for the Bac + 5 computer scientist?

The chances of landing and keeping a job will be higher  for graduates of a Bac + 5 compared to people with a Bac + 2 diploma. Among holders of a Bac + 5, almost 75% benefit from an open-ended contract (CDI). This same 2016 study by the CEREQ (Center for Studies and Research on Qualifications) notes that only 68% of holders of a Bac + 2 hold a permanent contract. 

This observation does not, however, apply to the IT profession. The CDI rate in the IT professions  is 94% . The prospects for IT professionals are therefore particularly good, especially as wages are high. Certain profiles essential for the proper functioning of many companies are in high demand. This is the case for mobile developers and network engineers. Others benefit from fewer job offers but higher wages due to the scarcity of skills. Technical Directors and CRM managers enjoy a salary of around 30% higher than other remuneration in the Adzuna classification .

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Check Point's technical forecasts for IT security in 2020:

Targeted ransomware attacks are on the rise - in 2019 ransomware was increasingly targeted at specific companies, local administrations and healthcare organizations. Hackers spend a lot of time collecting personal information about their victims to ensure that the damage done is substantial and that the ransoms are consequently much higher. The attacks have become so impactful that the FBI has softened its stance on paying the ransoms: now recognizes that, in some cases, companies need to examine all possible solutions to protect their shareholders, employees and customers. This will lead to an increase in the number of organizations taking out insurance policies against ransomware in the future, which in turn will result in more redemption requests from attackers.

Phishing attacks go beyond e-mail - While e-mail remains the main attack vector, cybercriminals also use a variety of other attack channels to trick victims into giving out personal information, login credentials or even sending money. Phishing increasingly involves attacks via SMS on mobile phones or the use of direct messages on social media and gaming platforms.

Malware attacks on mobile devices intensified - There was a 50% increase in malware attacks on mobile banking in the first half of 2019 compared to 2018. Malware can steal payment data, credentials and funds from the bank accounts of the victims, new variants are available that can be disseminated on a large scale by anyone willing to finance malware developers. Phishing attacks will also become more complex and effective, attempting to convince mobile users to click on malicious weblinks.

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Cisco Offers CoLocation Bundling for SD-WAN

Cisco Systems announced SD-WAN Cloud onRamp for CoLocation, designed to simplify deploying and managing software-defined wide-area networks for multiple branches distributed over several regions.

The new offering provides an alternative option to the current practice of implementing Cisco SD-WAN at each branch network. For certain cases, the new solution may be more efficient and economical, as it regionalizes SD-WAN services in colocation facilities nearer branch networks, the company said.

Effectively, Cisco SD-WAN Cloud onRamp for CoLocation consolidates traffic from multiple locations, bundling egress points across single regions into single virtual hubs in regional colocation centers.

The company said aggregating access to multi-cloud applications from multiple branches to regional colocation facilities could better serve:

Multi-national organizations unable to use direct Internet connections to cloud and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platforms at the branch level because of data security restrictions and international privacy regulations for cross-border sharing of personal information.
Global organizations, including financial institutions, that often have thousands of branch offices spread over multiple geographic regions, each one requiring high application quality of experience (QoE) with granular security over traffic segmentation and application access.
Partners and vendors, who are not using SD-WAN but still need connectivity to their customers' enterprise resources and applications but do not want to install a customer's SD-WAN routing appliance at each site to provide secure access.
Remote workers in home offices or on the road who need secure VPN connections to enterprise resources over inexpensive direct Internet links without backhauling traffic to a VPN firewall at a central datacenter, which incurs additional latency that affects application performance and voice/video quality.

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checkpoint admin Jobs

Explore advanced system management procedures, including software updates and hotfix installation.
Get to know the great features of the GAIA command-line interface and using CPInfo.
Get to know the core kernel software modules and Check Point daemons.
Learn how to build fault tolerant solutions for gateways and management server.
You will learn how Check Point SecureXL and CoreXL technologies provide high-speed traffic processing by Check Point gateway.
Check out the architecture and features of Check Point SmartEvent.
Learn how to use SmartEvent to identify and prevent various security incidents in an orthanization.
Learn how to use Mobile Access Software Blade to provide secure access for mobile users to corporate network resources.
Get to know the features of Check Point Capsule.
Learn how to use the capabilities of Check Point Threat Prevention to comprehensively protect your corporate network from various known and zero-day threats.
Learn how SandBlast, Threat Emulation, and Threat Extraction software blades help prevent security incidents.
Learn how Check Point Mobile Threat Prevention helps protect against the dangers of using smartphones and tablets to access corporate resources.

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what do computer technicians do?

The computer and computer technician can install and support software systems, design and execute hardware maintenance plans, analyze computer systems, operate databases, implement and maintain LAN networks, among other capabilities that are made by professionals. unique and highly demanded by companies.

what do computer technicians do?

Currently, all companies need computer technicians, no matter the size of these, since working with networks of all kinds nothing could work without having a specialist to provide technical assistance. Although in Latin America, there are not enough professionals in these areas, in other parts of the world, such as the United States, they require around 3 or 4 million of these professionals.

In this sense, when perceiving that the technologies are catching up with us and professionals are needed to analyze and develop them, many specialists consider that the technical and university career in computing and informatics is a career of the future.  



Cisco bulks-up advanced analytics features in DNA Center

Cisco has added functions to is flagship network manipulate platform, DNA Center, that introduce new analytics and problem-solving abilties for employer network clients.

DNA Center is the heart of Cisco’s Intent Based Networking initiative and is the core-networking control platform that capabilities myriad services from analytics, network control and automation capabilities to warranty setting, material provisioning and policy-based segmentation for agency networks.

The organisation prolonged DNA Center’s AI Endpoint Analytics application by way of adding the capacity to analyze the information collected from Cisco programs which include its Identity Services Engine, Software Defined Application Visibility and Control, wireless LAN controllers or third element third-party components.
The idea is that customers can use that data to define network regulations in an effort to allow only the flows it wants and to deny others, Shenoy said.

The new packages work with DNA Center’s User Defined Networks function which lets clients bring gadgets online – inclusive of visitor network devices – and feature them automatically segmented.

“The idea at the back of IBN is to offer automation and simplify IT operations and those new capabilities amplify the ability to add regulations and segmentation to provide extra intelligence to the DNA Center software program stack,” Shenoy said.

The DNA Center enhancements were introduced at Cisco’s digital person event, Cisco Live US 2020 and protected other new skills the seller mentioned previously. For instance the vendor reiterated its dedication to growing Secure Access Service Edge products and services.

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Checkpont Engineer Education and Certification

Identify advanced CLI commands.
Understand device management procedures, including how to perform device upgrades and apply patches and hotfixes.
Describe the Check Point Firewall infrastructure.
Describe advanced techniques of gathering vital gateway records the usage of CPView and CPInfo.
Recognize how Check Point’s flexible API architecture supports automation and orchestration.
Discuss advanced ClusterXL functions.
Describe VRRP network redundancy advantages.
Understand how SecureXL acceleration era is used to enhance and enhance performance.
Understand how CoreXL acceleration technology is used to enhance and improve performance.
Identify the SmartEvent components that save community hobby logs and identify events.
Discuss the SmartEvent procedure that determines which community sports may result in safety issues.
Understand how SmartEvent can help in detecting, remediating, and preventing security threats.
Discuss the Mobile Access Software Blace and the way it secures communication and records.
Understand Mobile Access deployment options.
Recognize Check Point Remote Access solutions.
Discuss Check Point Capsule components and how they defend mobile devices and business documents.
Discuss exceptional Check Point Solutions for attacks together with zero-day and Advanced Persistent Threats.
Understand how SandBlast, Threat Emulation, and Threat Extraction prevent protection incidents.
Identify how Check Point Mobile Threat Prevention can help defend facts accessed on company-issued smartphones and tablets.

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CompTIA Linux+ Certification Introduction

Linux+ provides a step-by-step demonstration of various commands, utilities, and configuration options which an IT professional need to know before taking up the certification.

CompTIA Linux+ validates the competencies required of an early career system administrator supporting Linux systems for various IT businesses around the world.

How Field Engineer Helps you
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